Friday, September 26, 2008

More Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

After a nice six hour cold medicine induced sleep, I'm more concerned about the TCU game. For example, the wiz of odds links to this gentleman's predictions for the upcoming week. After devoting some column space of how the 08 Sooners are not the 05 Sooners, he proceeds to pick USC over Oregon State.

TCU beat Stanford. Who beat Oregon State. Who beat USC. I know the whole transitive logic thing can be ludicrous. You have to acknowledge that USC has demonstrated a weakness for losing to double digit underdogs. The Sooners have demonstrated the same weakness: see Colorado 07, TT 07, several bowl games, and 01 Boone State.

Many folks are spending a lot of time telling us how it's going to be different this year. And there are some differences: Sam Bradford as a sophomore is better than an unproven Paul Thompson / Rhett Bomar. The O-line wasn't as good (by the end of 05, many of the seniors playing today were playing). However, the Sooner D is relatively untested. Sure Jake Locker's a good player, but he had nothing complimenting him. Chattanooga is not even a good FCS team. Cincy moved the ball in the first half. The back seven is still green, and now Granger is injured. You could say it's performing better than expected, but did you really expect the defense to look bad against the three teams we played? I didn't think so.

I'll leave it up to the Head Visor to continue to defuse the spying talk...which is just ludicrous - Patterson has "admitted" to taping the televised spring game. He watched something that was essentially public domain. If TCU - or anyone else for that matter - sent a scout to watch a scrimmage or practice that is open to the public, is that spying? I thought spying involved something sneaky, and perhaps an infringement of rights or broken laws of some sort. The story as it was discussed (only by conspiracy theorists in mainstream media as well as bloggers) was that maybe TCU had people watch a practice that was open to the public. Oh my goodness! That's absolutely devious.

Anyway, I've now posted a "hey, we could lose this thing" post. So if it happens, I can link to this and say, "I told you so." All in all, I'd rather be wrong.


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