Thursday, September 25, 2008

Horned Lizard - Sooners Preview

So you're wondering how TCU matches up to
the Sooners on the gridiron? TCU helmets from
1966, courtesy of a right-click on The Helmet Project.


The Sooners have the edge here. TCU is rising since Aaron Brown made it on the field last week. Andy Dalton is better as a sophomore, but the Sooners have too many weapons here.


TCU has allowed 183 ypg ranking 1st in FBS; their opponents offenses are ranked, in order of appearance, 100, 93 (1-AA), 111, and 98. OU is ranked 10th. Their foes' offenses are 115 (1-AA), 33, and 99. What does this tell us? Nothing, except both have played for the most part really bad teams.

Special Teams

The Sooners special teams haven't been very special this year.


Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien. 'nuff said.


I'm a big fan of Patterson. Coach Fran hasn't been any good w/o him. But I'm sticking with the Head Visor here.

Bowl Record

The Horned Lizards are 4-3 under GP with wins over Colorado State, Iowa State, Northern Illinois and Houston. TCU couldn't beat Boise State in a bowl game, either. And it was at home.


Anonymous said...

Nice write up. What is up with the TCU helmet? Their helmet has "TCU" and a horned lizard. What is on these helmets?

I'm now calling this "helmetgate".

HeadThief said...

Anon - thx for posting. The TCU helmet shown here is not the current helmet, it's from 1966 and I thought it looked cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I looked again and noted that you stated that these were from 1966 in your opening statement. I must have been hitting the cough medicine, too.