Friday, October 17, 2008

TCU-BYU Report

The Frogs dominated the Cougars last night, winning 32-7. The environment was electric. This was easily the hottest ticket in Fort Worth since the Miley Cyrus concert last November.

Some comments from my observations:

Andy Dalton has about two good throws / quarter in him. The coaches need to incorporate that into the play calling...if hits a receiver on the money for a gain - and it's not so hard it hits them in the facemask - you should go ahead and run the ball several times and let him cool off again.

Jeremy Curley was unstoppable in the first half from the WildFrog formation.

The D was amazing. That defensive performance against the Sooners was not a fluke. They got consistent pressure on Cougar QB Max Hall, and eliminated the cougar running game.

The Frogs now have allowed 87 points in 8 games - 35 against OU and 52 in the other 7 contests. Stanford was the only other team to hit double digits in the point column.

The Frogs now have the inside track on the Mountain West champsionship, assuming they can beat the Utes in Utah on Thurs, Nov 6. The powers that be managed to schedule TCU against the two best teams in the conference on Thursday after a road game.

We'll get back to the Sooner coverage very shortly.

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