Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Solid Defensive Performance. Not.

In the second half. Hey, K State only got one score.

The Sooners allowed Josh Freeman to go 29-51 for 478 yards. Freeman made a couple of unbelievable throws, so it really shoulda only been 378 or so.

The only thing that saved the Sooners was the 28 points in 6 minutes late in the second quarter. The Sooners took the ball at 8 minutes left, and took 1:34 to score, forced a fumble 3 plays later, scored in 1:33, got an interception 3 plays later, and scored 2 plays later in 1 minute. Then a three and out yielded a punt, which Ryan Broyles took to the house for a score. For the first half, the Sooners average field position at the start of the drive was their own 45.

Sam was an uncharacteristic 13-32 passing for 255 yards, but he did get 3 scores. It's only the second game in Bradford's career where he completed less than 50% of his passes, and it's the first one the Sooners won when he did so (the other was the 27-24 loss to CU last year). It's only the third time he's completed less than 60% of his passes (TCU 2008). Watching the game here on tape delay, I noticed several drops.

Demarco Murray is running with authority again, and completed the day with 17 carries, 104 yards and 2 scores on the ground. Murray added 2 more scores on 4 catches for 63 yards. Brown added 142 yards on 20 carries, as the Sooners amassed 273 yards passing overall. The Wildcats are one of the nation's worst at rushing defense, so one would have expected the Sooners to run the ball a lot today.

Travis Lewis was a monster on defense, with 15 tackles, 2 for loss, and 2 interceptions and 55 return yards. Austin Box looked a little bit lost at times.

The Sooners are going to have to figure this out if they expect to beat TT and OSU in November.

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