Friday, October 17, 2008

OU-KU preview

Offense - the Sooner offense continues to rack up big points and yardage. The only way to stop the Sooners to date had been to get pass pressure with your front four, stop the run, and don't fall down in the secondary. Texas is the only one to be able to do all of those things. The Jayhawks are quite capable on offense as well, with Kerry Meier leading the nation in cathces with 8.8 per game and ninth in yards per game with 101. He's like Jordan Shipley, if Jordan was McCoy's backup. Reesing is 12th in the country in pass efficiency. Nonetheless, I'll take the Sooners on this category.Advantage: Sooners.

Defense - this area makes me nervous this week. We don't know how the Sooners will respond with Reynolds out for the game, and they've had a week to come up with Plan B. Kansas is 20th in pass effiiency defense and 27th in scoring defense. The Sooners are 15th in pass efficiency defense and 37th in scoring defense. The Kansans are led by the LBs, we won't have any LBs on the field Saturday that were playing a year ago. I'm giving this one a push, placing my faith in Stoops and the D line to find someway to stop the Jayhawks enough to win.Advantage: Tie

Special Teams - Kansas hasn't returned kicks well this year, but had an All-American return game last year. We can't cover anyone on a kick. The Sooners aren't punting terribly well either, and little Jimmy Stevens has made one FG all year. In his defense, he's only attempted one. Advantage: Kansas.

Ability to swallow players whole - this photographer captures Coach Mangino just before he expands his jaw to swallow the player in his entirety. Special fluids inside Coach Mangino enable him to digest a person of this size - and a helmet on! - with minimal damage to his neck, jaw or colon. Advantage: Kansas.

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