Sunday, October 5, 2008

Carnac analyzes the weekends games

Verizon FIOS DVR, Bo Pelini's game plan and Seventh Day Adventists.

The envelope please...

name three things that didn't work on Saturday.

As a result of the first item not working on Saturday, our thoughts on the Baylor game are limited. The Bears did hold the Sooners to their second lowest point total of the season, and Reverend Rob did run for over 100 yards. But the Sooners had jumped out to a 28-0 lead by the end of the first quarter.

Now, I must pull together my tax information.


poopsandwich said...

Dear Land Thieves:

We were (not even) pleased to offer you a nice tune-up game for the whorns.

Please return the favor and kick the livin' crap out of those guys? Please? I want to see pain on that field. And I want to see a double-digit Sooner win. Its the least you can do for us.


HeadThief said...

i would love to oblige you. I've been doing random research tonight and I don't believe that will be easy, but it can be done.