Thursday, October 23, 2008

Middle Linebacker

I really think this is funny. Today, mainstream media types (msm) are touting how the Sooners have moved Nic Harris back to safety and that Austin Box will start for the Sooners Saturday. Do you really believe that? Throughout last week, the coaches at OU talked about getting Robinson, Box or Crow ready for the MLB position, and how it didn't make sense for Harris to play LB.

During warmups, Harris was at safety. When the defensive starting lineup was announced, Austin Box was announced as starting middle linebacker. He didn't make a mistake all day, unless he drank too much water. Box never got on the field. Why isn't this just considered more misinformation? I will believe the Sooners are going back to the normal 4-3 alignment when I see it on Saturday, if I see it on Saturday.

Brian Bosworth is not walking through that door. Torrance Marshall is not walking through that door.

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