Saturday, October 11, 2008

Curious Observations from Today

Thoughts during the day, while watching from Section 3.

  • In the first quarter, Texas was called for running into the kicker during Oklahoma's first punt. Knall's punt was 32 yards to the Horns 39. While the penaltiy wouldn't give the Sooners a first down, I thought we would have a decent changes of a 27+ yard punt from 4th and 4.
  • I was completely puzzled by the lack of deep passing game by the Sooners. We had good pass protection for most of the game, but rarely threw the ball farther than 10 yards down the field.
  • DeMarco Murray is not healthy. He doesn't have his normal burst. He's not making good cuts. I love his attitude, and he's clearly a talented player, but he's just not back from the knee injury suffered during that TT game last year. The Horns kept kicking too him. While perhaps that is out of respect to Iglesias, Murray should have been able to punish the Horns, and wasn't able to capitalize.
  • I thought the fake punt was a decent call, but the execution wasn't good. If Gresham makes a block, Knall converts it.
  • The bobble by Gresham that Broyles converts into a score was very close to an incomplete pass, but we'll take it.
  • The two roughing the passer calls on Travis Lewis were both questionable. Nonetheless, Sooners had many chances to make a play and negate the adverse calls, and didn't.
  • With :45 seconds left in the first half, the Sooners force the Horns into a FG situation. I thought the Sooners should have called a timeout and had 38 seconds or so to see if they could make something happen. The Sooners didn't, and the clock wound down to 3 seconds left before a Texas FG.
  • I don't know why the Sooners didn't try a fifth DB instead of raw LB Brandon Crow. The Horn passing game consisted of short throws to Cosby, and throws in the middle of the field to Shipley ALL FREAKING DAY.
  • Colt McCoy does a great job of moving around the keeping the play alive. He's more athletic than you initially think he would be. Is that because he's white? Or because he looks like he still doesn't shave?

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Red Dawg said...

My thoughts while watching the game with Brent and Kirk:
1. How did Texas win the game? OU's 5 scores appeared effortless. 5 plays and a TD.
2. Shipley's kick off return was huge momentum boost for horns.
3. Why didn't Stoops re-punt the ball after the first running into the kicker call? It wasn't that good of a 1st punt.
4. Why didn't Stoops call a timeout or challenge the non-interception call in the endzone. It was close enough for a 2nd look.
5. WOW! UT's offensive line right side buried the left side of OU's defensive line on the goal line runs. I thought UT should run the same play for their 2-point oconversion.
6. I'm still in shock.