Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 10-23-08

  • We're having tons of fun here this evening at landthieves, and while I don't wish to go into details, I'll just provide you a hint. Or two. Second hint not suitable for family reading.
  • Iowa State got a little too hazy last week. No humans were harmed in the filming of this video.
  • This dude knows his football...he's got very informative posts...this one about line splits; adn this one about the spread offense.
  • Nick Saban predicts the return of the wishbone. Hope I'm still a season ticket holder then.


poopsandwich said...

IHOS = laugh till I peed...

HeadThief said...

That's one of my favorite internet stories. I laughed until I cried the first time I read it. A former boss was on the board at Ryan's, so it made the story all the more funny.