Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 Difference makers today

  1. Trailing 14-10, Jordan Shipley runs a kick back for a score. He was barely touched. I really felt like the score sucked the life out of the Sooner crowd, and put the Horns in the game.
  2. Wth a minute left in the third quarter, Lamont Robinson drops an interception in the end zone. The Sooners had McCoy on the run late in the third quarter, and he threw across his body toward the right center of the end zone. Robinson cut in front of ____, and caught the ball, but the ball popped out when Robinson hit the ground. The Horns kicked a field goal on the next play. As opposed to a momentum changing turnover and zero points, the Longhorns picked up a huge 3 points.
  3. With 11:42 left in the game, the Sooners incur an illegal procedure penalty on a two point conversion. The Sooners scored a TD to take a 4 point lead. Stoops was contemplating a 2 point conversion to go to a six point lead. An illegal procedure call sets up back to the 7, and the Sooners settle for the lone extra point. Here's how that plays out. The Sooners allow a score, and the Longhorns, leading 36-35, go for two and convert it to go aheard 38-35. A later score gives the Horns a 45-35 lead. Had the Sooners gone for and converted the two, the Horns would have kicked an extra point to take a 37-36 lead. When they scored again, we still would have been trailing 44-36, and only needed one score to potentially tie the game.
  4. Cody Johnson breaks two tackles on third and goal to close the gap to 21-17. A sweep toss from a jumbo formation results in the score.
  5. Jordan Shipley is left wide open - more alone than a Mormon in a Starbucks - for a 37 yard pas setting up a TD. Ryan Reynold's injury in the second quarter left a void for the Sooners in the middle of the field. Brandon Crow was inserted in his place, and the Sooners struggled defending the middle of the field from there out.
  6. With 4 minutes left in the third quarter, the Sooners attempt a fake punt and don't make it. Knall almost pulled it off, getting tackled a yard short. Frankly, I thought if Gresham makes a block they pull it off. Asking your punter to run it on a team with the speed of Texas is always questionable if you don't amke it.

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