Thursday, October 2, 2008

OU - BU Preview

Fox Sports showed the 2005 Baylor-OU game last night, it was a 37-30 Sooner win in OT.

I didn't need to be reminded of that. Let's see how they match up this year.


Led by Coach Art Briles and Reverend Robert, the Bears are 26th in total offense and 30th in scoring offense. They'v edone this against some decent defensive foes, like Wake Forest and U Conn. While a tremendous improvement, the Sooners still hold the edge.


Baylor is 36th in total defense and 65th Scoring defense.Last year they finished 110th and 112th in these categories. These numbers will drop as they get into Big 12 play. The Sooner defense ranks higher, but has been relatively untested.

Special Teams

The Sooners ranking in net punting, punt returns and kick return defense reads like my test scores in Theory of Coaching: 95, 86, 104.

Dual Threat QBs

Reverend Robert won the Big 12 hurdles last year (when he shoulda been at the prom. He leads his team in rushing and is 10th in the nation in pass efficiency. At a similar stage in his career, our dual threat QB was so good at working Big Red Sports he did it double time. He's lighting it up as a senior at Sam Houston State, though.



All the info right here.

This got a whole lot closer this year.

Bowl Game RecordsDid you know Baylor is 3-2 in it's last 5 bowl games. Did you know Grant Teaff was the last BU coach to coach a victory in a bowl game, and the 5 bowl games takes you back to 1985.BU has gone to bowl games in consecutive seasons 3 times in their history. OU has gone to a bowl game the last 9 years.

The Sooners are 17-0 against the Bears.
It should get to 18-0 on Saturday.

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