Thursday, October 30, 2008

OU-Bugeaters, Flashback

Sam Gilbert, Jr. over at the Oklahom Sooners Football blog found an excellent video recap of the Sooners victory over the Bugeaters in 1985, my sophomore year of college. What I recall about the game, aside from Jackson's running, was the concern that Bosworth was going to hurt someone after a Sooner fumble led to a Husker defensive TD with less than a minute remaining. That defensive shutout spoiled what would ahve been a shutout of the #2 ranked Huskers.

As bonus coverage, Sam provided a link to an article on the game. Keith Jackson rushed three times for 136 yards and a TD. Not many teams deploy the TE reverse anymore, and on one of those instances, Jackson was supposed to pass but pulled the ball down and ran it.

The Sooners were 1-4 passing that day. My how times have changed. The article linked to above also have coverage of the Texas Longhorns ruining Baylor's chances of a Cotton Bowl berth.

Due to work and Halloween schedules, weekend preview coverage will be limited at best.

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