Monday, October 20, 2008

OU-KU thoughts

Exhaustion precluded the normal overblogging this weekend after the trip to Norman Saturday. Here are my various thoughts:

  • Manuel Johnson's elbow dislocation was gruesome. Didn't realize how gruesome until I got home and checked out the game on the DVR.
  • Demarco Murray ran much better...that was good to see.
  • Lendy Holmes made several huge plays. The two picks in the red zone were part of that. I guess since he was named Big 12 Defensive player of the week others noticed that as well.
  • Few teams have such a good pass rush and inability to stop people as the Sooners right now. The Sooners had 5 sacks for 33 yards lost, and still gave up almost seven yard per play (491 yards on 72 plays).
  • For all their offensive firepower, Kansas was kinda feast or famine. They were 0-10 on third down conversions until the final drive.
  • I didn't really think Sam Bradford played that well in the first half...until I saw he had passed for 300 yards in the first half. I guess tha tells you how good he is...I remembered seeing a missed open receiver (Murray on a failed 4th down) and he flat out blew a sure TD when he overthrew Gresham on a screen and go.
  • Kansas is really good offensively. Reesing is fun to watch. From waht I've read, Meier is dinged up, but he made a great catch during the day. It's rare to see a position change like his (QB to WR) and be so good at the new position. Briscoe had a huge day, but we've allowed several huge days lately (Cincy receiver I'm too lazy to look up, Shipley, and Briscoe).
  • We were in the opposite end zone from Chris Brown's TD run. It was truly amazing from that the CB closed, I didn't see anyplace for him to go. Obviously he did.

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