Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wrapup - Week 1

It's a little late, but here's your weekend wrapup.
  • The Mountain West went 2-1 against the Big 12 this week. Let's give a big shout out to Cash Machine U for thumping Wyoming and averting the sweep.
  • In Cash Machine U's game against Wyoming, Jerrod Johnson looked significanly better than he had in the 08 campaign, going 31-41 for 349 yards and no picks.
  • The Big 12 went 2-0 against teams from North Dakota, and 2-0 against Sun Belt teams.
  • Missouri beat Illinois. Is Illinois not as good as we thought? Or did Mizzou not fall as far as we'd anticipated? It's tough to tell, but Blaine Gabbard sure looked good in his first game, as Mizzou beat the Illini for the fifth straight time.
  • Baylor won a non-conference road game against a BCS opponent for the first time since a 1995 win at North Carolina, which was coached by Mack Brown at the time. Briles' Baylor Bears used some nice trickeration on the game sealing TD a beautifully executed lateral-pass from Griffin to Ernest Smith to Lanear Simpson. Baylor averaged 5 yards per carry against the Demon Deacons.
  • Dez Bryant showed he's unstoppable with three catches, two for TD,s as Boone State beat Georgia on Saturday. One of the most bizarre new rules was on display, which says, "A receiver who is in the act of catching the ball, or if the pass receiver has already relaxed and shows no indication that he can still catch the pass cannot be targeted." In the Cowboys game, a Georgia defender hit a "defenseless" receiver, who had his hands on the ball when contact was made. I understand a desire to get rid of the unnecessary violence of the game, but he was aout to act the ball. I guess the Georgia DB should have offered an escort into the end zone instead. This hit was not a personal foul. Maybe they should have called a foul on Zac Robinson for lobbing a pass deep downfield into the middle of a zone defense. The biggest concern for me is that Okie State might be REALLY good this year. We'll know more as the season unfolds, as Georgia is not an offensive juggernaut this year. The game against Houston this Saturday will tell us more about the Cowboys D.
  • Statistically, Coach Snyder's Cats dominated the Minutemen of Masschusetts on Saturday. However, a blocked punt returned for a score made the game an uncomfortable 21-17 victory for Willie and Friends.
  • The Dan Hawkins farewall tour began on Sunday, with the Buffaloes losing to Colorado State 23-17. The anemic Buffalo offense amassed 251 yards against their intrastate rival, and Hawkins is 2-2 in his four games against the Rams. The scheduling geniuses in Boulder have followed up a Sunday game with a road game at Toledo. Dirk Koetter and Dan Hawkins have left Boise State for major programs and have come up short now. Will Petersen ever make the jump? Was he the reason Koetter and Hawkins were successful in the first place?

If your team did not get covered in this, have them schedule someone not in 1-AA and not in the Sunbelt Conference.

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The Boz said...

Cash machine played New Mexico, who is easily confused with Wyoming.

I noticed on Illinois message board that fans already want to fire Mike Schultz, Illinois' offensive coordinator and former TCU offensive coordinator. We want immediate results!

Do you still call Kansas State "Willie and Friends" with Bill Snyder at the helm.