Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bradford Visits Dr Andrews

Holy Cow! Reports coming out yesterday indicated that Sam Bradford is going to visit renowned sports doctor James Andrews in Alabama.

Here's a knee jerk reaction on two sides to this issue from someone (me) who is so far removed from the situation I can't even get lower deck tickets to the OU-Texas game.

1) Sam's shoulder has made no improvement and his whole entire season is in jeopardy. I have no basis for this conclusion, other than the fact that when some people see a glass as half full and others see it as half empty, I think I saw a leak.
2) Sam's shoulder is feeling better, and this is a business trip. Sam's dad not only played college football, he's now in the insurance business. I'm sure Papa Bradford was very diligent on reading his son's sports insurance policy. As mentioned in the article I linked to, it's a complicated business. The policies cover catastrophic, never-play-again injuries, but rarely cover money lost in the transition from "I was a first round lock and now I'm a 7th round throwaway pick for the Eagles." This entire visit could be a precaution. I would imagine that if Sam takes the field for the Sooners again, he's demonstrating that the injury is not career ending, and therefore eliminating this injury from coverage. If that's the case, and literally MILLIONS of dollars are at stake, you would be a fool to show your toughness and just get out there. You would do to the leading doctor for shoulder joints in the business, and get his thoughts before taking a snap in a regular season game again.

I wish for Sam's sake that this trip is a result of #2, and not #1.

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Anonymous said...

I read at OUInsider that the trip was required by his insurance company which suggests to me that he will soon be cleared to play.