Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LandThieves Interviews Todd Graham

After the Hurricane's loss to the Sooners, we sat down with Tulsa Coach Todd Graham to break down the loss:

JH: Coach, true freshman Shavodrick Beaver played a little bit this evening. Can you tell us more about him:
TG: Joe, as you know, football players love to be around Beaver. They just can't get enough.

JH: Coach Graham, Michigan was recruiting Shavodrick, how did you get your hands on Beaver?
TG:Well, it was quite a shocker. Michigan was really interested, then they pulled out at the last minute. I think we got him on the rebound. We were just in the right place at the right time.

JH: Shavodrick is a true freshmen. A lot of 18 year olds have trouble grasping the offenses at the college level. How do you see that playing out?
TG: Well, I think you'll see a lot of Beaver in the spread formation. It will give us a good look at him as well. I lot of the guys think when we spread wide with Beaver in there it increases our chances to score.

JH: Your offensive line is a little inexperienced, and Beaver is small. How are you going to protect him?
TG: Well, we've got to have strength up the middle, Joe. The opposition really likes to penetrate when Beaver is in, and we just can't allow it. We want to protect Beaver. You can't let the opposition get a lot of licks on him.

Well, we're almost out of puns. If I may quote Leslie Nielsen, "That's a nice Beaver you've got there."


jaydou said...

Best interview yet! Very insightful into Beaver...

Christov said...

Gives me a whole new outlook on protecting the Beaver...