Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BCS Busters

Much yelling going on about Boise State or Houston as a BCS buster this year. Some people mention the Horned Lizards, but not many. Here's why:

Current Win Loss records of future opponents
  • Boise State (8 games remaining): 7-15. Of the 7 remaining 1-A combatants for Boise State, they have collectively won 7 games. This includes Tulsa, which is 2-1 (1-aa wins/losses are excluded). Intrastate foe Idaho (hey, that rhymes!) is 3-1 (beating juggernauts NM State, San Diego State and Northern Illinois), and is probably their second toughest remaining game. Aside from those two, BSU opponents are 1-AA UC-Davis, and 5 other teams thave have combined for two wins against 1-A teams. this is not to say that Boise is not good, but they will NOT be tested extensively the remainder of the way.
  • Houston (9 games remaining): 8-19. The Cougars also have Tulsa remaining, as well as Mississippi State, a team that is 1-2 against 1-A foes, but almost beat LSU this past week. After 4 weeks, Conference USA appears pretty weak, with the exception of Houston and perhaps Tulsa, which lost by 51 to Oklahoma.
  • TCU (9 games remaining): 13-16. The Horned Lizards host 3-1 Utah and travel to 3-1 BYU, so they definitely have their plate full.

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