Monday, September 7, 2009

Cowboys Stadium Review Summary

In summary, the Stadium has a lot of really good qualities, and it's bright and shiny and new and all of that. However, all of the "collest structure I've even visited" talk escapes me. Here's an analysis from the cheap seats.
  • The angle of the upper deck seats is uncomfortably steep.
  • The people in front of you block your view of part of the field while sitting.
  • The concessions are too diverse. Want an Angus steak burger or a Texas Bar B Q sandwich? You can walk right up and get one. Want more traditional food like a pretzel and nachos for your daughters? Sorry, those aren't available at most concessions, and the food prep fell behind the crowds. As a result, wait lines for those foods were insufferably long. I waited ten minutes at halftime for these items before giving up and going back to my seat. (This was after walking to four different concessions searching for same). During the time I waited, they may have servied three or four customers in my line. My wife spent 15 minutes in the middle of game time in the third quarter in line for these products.
  • From our vantage point, the acoustics left something to be desired.
  • Down, distance and time remaining are on scoreboard ribbons around the stadium. They are very difficult to find. You've got a video board that has more sqyare feet than the average Southlake mansion, go ahead and jam the score, down, distance and time remaining in the quarter up there somewhere.

Is it possible my stadium experience may have been improved by a Sooner victory? Sure. Winning is a great deodorant.

Points I did like about the stadium

  • The video quality on the screen is UNBELIEVABLE. Very solid. Conversely, with a screen so massive, you tend to migrate to watchign the screen instead of trying to watch the game going on below. If that's the case, I just spent $376 in tickets and parking for my family to drink $5/bottle of water for the largest video screen around.
  • The seats were pretty comfortable.
  • Restrooms are plentiful.
  • Getting in and out of the stadium traffic wise was much easier than I anticipated.

Now, if you'll excuse me, get off my lawn.

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