Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sooners-Fightin Mormons Preview

Line: Sooners by 22
How’d they get the name: The Brigham Young University Cougars were named after a group of 40 something Mormon women desperately seeking college males. The BYU students enjoyed the raunchy, forbidden times so much they named their athletic teams after the ladies.
Returning Starters: 4 on offense, 8 on defense
NFL Passing Yards by Alums:80,928, which outpaces the Sooners by over 77,000 yards.
Best NFL Player: Steve Young, with Jim McMahon a close second.
Draft History: Cougars have had 136 players drafted by the NFL
Hot / Cold: The Cougars are coming off a rousing trip to Palo Alto for the National Cougar Convention.
The skinny: The Fighting Mormons are led by Max Hall, a top 10 QB. Unfortunately for Max, he only has one starting offensive lineman returning. A couple of them are returning from Mormon missions. If the mission was to Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach, perhaps they’ll have a chance. The defense returns 8 starters off of last year’s squad, and is led by MLB Matt Bauman.

Random stat from the teams: The Sooners are 0-1 against BYU. There are only 23 programs that have beaten the Sooners more than once.

How LandThieves sees it: The Sooners should win this game, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cougars cover the 22 point spread. This is a great first game test, and I’m fired up about seeing it in Jerry World. In the end, I think the veteran d-line of the Sooners should dominate the inexperienced 24 year old, caffeine deprived Cougar offensive line. This will give the Sooners a change to avenge two horrific losses by the Sooners 1) the butt kicking the 1984 Washington Huskies gave the Sooners, who were despondent over the Cougars 12-0 season over a bunch of hacks in the WAC; 2) the six pack the Cougars opened up on the Sooners in the 1994 Copper Bowl, the last game of the Gary Gibbs era.


poopsandwich said...

Don't know which thing I appreciate more, the pic or the fine writing in this preview.

Nice work there El Capitan.

HeadThief said...

I think the pic is infinitely better.