Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breaking Down the Polls

  • Florida lost one of their first place votes in the Coaches Poll. I checked. UTEP Coach Mike Price must have a vote, nor does Lane Kiffin. I'm not certain what Florida did wrong in their 41-7 win on the road at Kentucky. Was the Horns victory against UTEP that impressive?
  • LSU's 4 point rout of Missisippi State propelled them three spots up to #4. The MSU Bulldogs are now an impressive 2-2 this year, only losing by 25 to Auburn and blowing out Vanderbilt by 12 and dominating Jackson State. LSU was 8-5 last year, and boasts victories over Washington (8 pts), Vandy (14 pts), La-Lafayette (28 pts) and MSU (4 pts). LSU will really hit their stride after games against Tulane and Louisiana Tech later this year.
  • Southern Cal's home victory over the hapless Washington State Cougars earned them the opportunity to vault over the Sooners for the 7th spot in the polls. I'm interested to see how the polls play out next two weeks...the Sooners travel to #21 Miami, and the Trojans travel to #19 California. If both win, and the Sooners beat the Baylor Bears at home during the Trojans' bye week, will OU leapfrog the Trojans? Seriously, what part of a 21 point victory to a team that has only beaten Ty Willighman coached Washington, Portland State and Southern Methodist in their last 16 games is impressive?
  • Cal dropped from 6th to 19th after eking out a 39 point loss to previously unranked Oregon.
  • Oregon went from unranked to being ranked 25th. They are six spots lower than the team they just beat by 39 points. Oregon's only loss is to 5th ranked Boise State. Oregon hosts Washington State next week, so look for them to jump into the top 10 next week after a victory.
  • Virginia Tech's pasting of Miami FL helped them vault from 12th to 6th. I have no issue with this. After the Hokies lost to the higher ranked Crimson Tide the first week, they fell from 7th to 15th. That was pretty harsh for losing to a team ranked higher.

This will all shake out in the coming weeks - or at least most of it.

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