Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Around the Big 12 - week 2

Apologies for being late here, but...

  • The Dan Hawkins Farewell Tour gets blasted by Rockets. Toledo QB Aaron Opelt avered 20 yards per completion and over 13 yards per rush. Opelt's previous game high in rushing over his career was 76 yards against Bowling Green as a freshman. The Buffaloes just looked S-L-O-W agasint Toledo, who is 3-10 over their last 13 games.
  • Texas scored a TD late in the first half to take the lead into the locker room at half-time. The Horns went on to score 35 unanswered points to win 41-10. Colt McCoy threw a TD pass with 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter to put the Horns up 41-10. Colt's throwing passes with a 24 point lead in the 4th quarter, but Texas DOES NOT run up the score against opponents like OU does.
  • The Boone State Fox announcers noted that Oklahoma State has won 16 non-conference games in a row at home. Those foes, in order: SMU, Wyoming, Missouri State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Tulsa, SMU, Montanta State, Arkansas State, Missouri State, Florida Atlantic, Florida Atlantic, Sam Houston State, Houston, Missouri State, Troy, Georgia. The Houston Cougars (who are w-a-y more promiscous than the BYU Coguars) failed to be intimidated by this fact and beat the Pokes 45-35. Houston jumped out to a 24-7 lead, let OSU back in the game and surrendered the lead, then outscored the Pokes 21-7 in the fourth quarter. This was a thrilling game with several weird plays...the Cougs scored late in the first half and then bounced a squib kick off a Poke player, recovered the ball and drove for a score to finalize scoring 14 points in the last 1:37, and take the 24-7 halftime lead; on a 4th and goal, trailing 31-35, Case Keenum throws a pass into the end zone which is tipped by a Boone State defender and caught by Bryce Beall for the go-ahead score; Okie State fumbles on the next drive, but the Cougars can't seal the deal; and punt. Okie State then throws a pick-six off of a ball that sails through the hands of All-American Dez Bryant. While there were some odd plays, this was not a fluke victory...the Cougars gained 80 yards more than the Pokes, committed fewer penalties and won the turnover battle. Boone was quoted earlier this year as saying that if the Pokes made the BCS, he would probably "pee in my pants". Fortunately for his cleaners, the Pokes took care of this by crapping the bed today against the Cougars. First Houston W over a Top 10 team since 1984, when the Cougars beat Texas.
  • Missouri scored 21 consecutive points to overcome Bowling Green State. Bowling Green is not a state. Urban Meyer is not there anymore. Missour somehow moved up in the rankings after nearly getting beat by the Falcons.
  • Willie and Friends lost to Louisiana-Lafayette. They allowed ULL to drive the field at the end of the game to win. The Big 12 lost to a Sun Belt team.
  • Cash Machine U did not play this weekend, but by way of Tulsa's 44-10 defeat of New Mexcio on the road, that the Aggies are as good as Tulsa. With Tulsa playing OU next weekend, we'll have a decent measuring stick of how good Tulsa, OKlahoma and Texas A&M are.
  • Nebraska dominated Arkansas State this weekend to avenge K State's road loss.
  • The Dust Pirates dominated Rice in their tuneup for next week's game against the Longhorns. Taylor Potts threw for seven scores.
  • Oklahoma defeated Idaho State. Like that surprised you. Idaho state had negative yards at half. The Sooners played John Nimmo at QB for part of the second half, as opposed to second-stringer Drew Allen. I think this is stupid. We're saving Drew's redshirt, but if Landry goes down against Tulsa, then our QB options are 1) Nimmo, who doesn't even register on depth charts; or 2) Allen a true freshman who's never taken a college snap. He could be like Tate Forcier. Or he could be Eric Moore, who was all-wold in practice, and not so much in games. For you younger fans, Jonathan Crompton of Tennessee is a Caucasian version of Eric Moore.
  • Iowa State looked awful against Iowa, losing 35-3 to seal the Cyclones ranking as the worst team in Iowa.
  • Kansas beat UTEP 24-7. The Miners had 7 first downs the ENTIRE GAME. This was a big victory for the Jayhhawks, as it was on the road, and it proved the Big 12 could beat a Conference USA team.
  • In other news, TCU dominated Virginia on Saturday. The Wahoos went the first 26 minutes of the second half without a first down, and started throwing hail mary passes with about 4 minutes left. Virginia had 3 different possessions to get their 5 first downs. Ron Prince landed back in Charlottesville, where he was before he turned Kansas State around. Ron's going to be back in the job market at the end of this year, methinks.


poopsandwich said...

"before he turned K-state around..."

giggle, giggle

HeadThief said...

oh, he turned it around alright. It was starting to do down, and Prince led it through a 360 degree turnaround. If he'd have stopped at 180, he might have kept his job.