Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ou-Texas Recap

The Sooners win today 28-21. The D looked not so good in the first half, and was particularly awful covering the middle of the field. They made some adjustments in the second half, and the D allowed only one score in the second half. Curtis Lofton (big forced fumble early in 2nd half), Ryan Reynolds, Reggie Smith and Nic Harris all stood out. When the Sooners were able to pressure Colt McCoy, Auston English seemed to be the one doing it. The Sooners were able to stop the run, and held the Horns to 61 yards rushing.

Offensively, DeMarco Murray was spectacular. The 65 yard run in the third quarter demonstrated his athleticisim and speed. Murray finished with 129 yards. Malcolm Kelly catches ANYTHING thrown his way. Sam Bradford had two incompletions in the second half, and one of them was a drop by Quentin Chaney. Kelly had 105 yards receiving and a score, and Iglesias had 99 yards himself. Keith Jackson Jr only had two catches, but much like the original Keith Jackson, made the most of those catches, accumulating 8 yards and 2 scores.

In a moment of humanity, I have to tip my hat to Colt McCoy. He's gutsy, smart and throws it well. Today he was 19-26 for 324 yards.

Feels good to get a W again. I think we should keep this Stoops fella. And the minute Arizona cans Mike Stoops, I'd give HeadVisor a paycut and bring his brother back as Co-D Coordinator.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Once Mikey gets kicked to the curb at 'Zona let him come and recuperate back at OU. He could even call plays... a nice change of pace from the "Venables all blitz" package we currently run.