Thursday, November 15, 2007

So you're wondering how Texas Tech matches up to the

Sooners on the gridiron?


Texas Tech averages 543 / game; Sooners "only" average 459. The Sooners average 45 ppg, Tech averages 42.5. Michael Crabtree is the nation's best receiver. Think Malcolm Kelly in an offense that featured him.


Sooners are 16th in total defense, even after playing offensive leaders Tulsa and Missouri. TT is 49th.

Special Teams

OU is 3rd in the country in KO returns, courtesy of DeMarco Murray. Both teams have kickers that have struggled this year, and are middle of the road in the punt return game.

Stadium Name

Jones AT&T Stadium. So, it's a little corporate sounding. But it's simple.


I'm a big Leach fan, but I have to go w Coach Stoops staff overall.

Cool Alumni

TT boasts Harold Welch, the First Father-in-law, and Ed Rappaport, interim director of the National Hurricane Center. Wikipedia entry was pretty lame.

Shafted by Hometown referees


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