Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baylor Sooner review

The Sooners missed Auston English last night from a pass rush perspective...the Sooners played a lot of soft zones against the Bears. Adrian Taylor, subbing for English, made a nice pick in the red zone against the Bears. Reggie Smith made an athletic intercetpion early in the game in the end zone. If the Bears convert both of those trips to the red zone, this game would have had a completely different tone. Former Sooner offensive coordinator Mack Brown says there are five plays a game that make a difference in the game, and the Bears rarely seem to win those five plays.

Malcolm Kelly made a couple of ridiculous catches during the game, reaching behind him on a slant on one play and pulling one off of his hip after it went past the Baylor defender. The Daily Oklahoman gallery provides a couple of good shots of this TD catch. Bradford was 20-25 for the day. It's not like he's an inaccurate passer, but it seems to me like Bradford saves his most inaccurate throws for Kelly, and more often than not Kelly bails him out...Demarco Murray had an unbelievable TD run in the first half, followed later in the half by a ridiculous kickoff return for a score.

I listened to part of the post game stuff. Favorite moment was OC Kevin Wilson, after taking several calls from fans that were less than satisfied with the 31 point victory, said, "We scored 52 points today. Isn't anyone going to congratulate me on a good game?"

I guess that sums up my analysis. The Sooners won by 31, but the Bears gave the game away at critical points, it didn't seem like the Sooners were taking it to them much.

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