Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LandThieves CFB Awards

It's time again for the LandThieves CFB awards, 2008 version:

  • Bad Idea jeans award: Buck Burnette, UT
  • Most open receiver the entire freaking stadium knew was getting the ball: Jordan Shipley, Texas, 2nd half, Oct 11.
  • Best whining performance by a fan base: Texas
  • Mack Brown Award for sucking up to voters: Mack Brown, Texas
  • Best performance in a video taunting your rivals: AggieReport.com
  • Brent Parker award for catching excellence: Blake Gideon, UT
  • Thurman Thomas award for not being ready at the start of the game: Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Best fourth place finish ever: Oklahoma State University
  • So, Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play award, non-Illinois governor division: Brandon Crow, OU LB, Oct 11
  • Jimmy the Greek award for excellence in prognostication: HeadThief

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