Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heisman Comparison

From the LandThieves Research dept:
The following data is presented courtesy of data at Each of the players below quarterbacks a one-loss, top 10 team:

Player A's passing stats: 168-244-2450 with 27 TDs and 4 interceptions
Player B's passing stats: 160-246-2299 with 25 TDs and 2 interceptions
Player C's passing stats: 186-232-2142 with 19 TDs and 3 interceptions
Player D's passing stats: 228-327-2567 with 25 TDs and 5 interceptions

Which would you vote for?
Which would I vote for if I told you that Player B is Tim Tebow's regular season statistics for the entire year, and that A, C, and D are the FIRST HALF statistics for Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Graham Harrell respectively?

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jaydou said...

The crack research dept. does it again...