Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bonus SEC Championship Coverage

Some folks have been saying SEC title game is really a semi-final to the national championship (which is really a croc, because they Florida might not overtake Texas if they won, and Missouri is NOT going to play for the national championship no matter what the margin of victory). Nonetheless, I contacted a Crimson Tide student this week and here's our report from Tuscaloosa. I also contacted the only Florida alum I knew, and was slapped with a temporary restraining order. Erin Andrews has NO sense of humor. Without further ado, I submit the Miller High Life report:

  1. How has the loss of Jimmy Johns effected this team?The biggest contribution JJ made to the team was allowing the student population to laugh at him as he ran out on the field with his arms outstretched like a child mimicking an airplane.
  2. Florida has been on an offensive roll after losing at home to Ole Miss. Saban is a well respected defensive mind. How do you see Nick stopping Tebow, Harvin and Co? The truth is that Alabama has not played a team with a dual threat QB like Tim Tebow. Some readers may think that Kodi Burns was a dual threat, but he lacks the appropriate amount of brain waves needed to be considered a threat thowing the ball (move over Dan Marino and Vince Young!). So we will see if we can contain someone like Tim Tebow. Also, our friends in Tallahassee took care of Mr. Harvin and even if he plays, he will not be 100%. All that being said, that still leaves Demps, Rainey, and Jacobs, not to mention Coppell native Emmanuel Moody. In this case, the best defense is a good offense. JP and the offense need to keep them off the field. When they are on the field however, we need to put them in third and long situations and force Tebow to use his arm. As explosive as Florida is, everyone forgets that they are a running offense. I do not think they will be able to run the ball up the middle due to Terrence "Mount" Cody, our 365 (down from 420 at the beginning of the summer) Nose Tackle who demands a double team and sometimes even requests triple teams. This frees up blockers from our other linemen and linebackers who make a lot of plays. With that in mind, Florida will have to run outside because although we are big, we are slower than Florida (but who isn't). Note that Florida's only loss came from an Ole Miss team with two very big lines.
  3. Do you think Coppell native Emmanuel Moody will see any playing time? Maybe after someone gets rocked after trying to go across the middle on Rolando McClain. But historically, his problem has been holding on to the football, which a rough hit'em in the mouth Alabama defense will surely exploit. If Percy Harvin can't play, he might get more touches than usual.
  4. The SEC West - aside from the Tide - is not as strong as it usually is. Do you think playing a softer schedule - albeit not by design - puts the Tide at a disadvantage this week? I think it puts us at an advantage because we are a lot healthier than Florida, plus remember that we whooped Georgia in a blacked out Athens that nobody gave us a chance at winning. Besides Percy Harvin, Florida will be without two reserve defensive lineman. Although that doesn't sound like much, Florida's weakness is their defensive line. Look for our offensive line to wear them down very quickly and without that extra depth, Florida will have to bring their linebackers and safeties up closer to the line of scrimmage, which screams play action. That is, if necessary. There have been many times this season where a team will put eight in the box and Coffee will still fall forward for 4 or 5 yards, especially in the second half.
  5. Alabama has been average on offense this year, but certainly done enough to win 12 games. How do you see the offense faring against the Florida D? We're going to physically dominate their defensive line and run the ball behind Andre Smith (the top NFL draft prospect in the nation) and the left side of the offensive line. We may toss a couple to diaper dandy Julio (soft J) Jones (hard J) to keep them honest. With such a fast defense, we will run it right at them until they stop us. Pretty simple. What's your prediction for the game? As Lee Corso says, it will be closer than the experts think. If we can hang with them in the first half, look for Florida's defense to have a rough second half. On the other side of the ball, Alabama's nasty defensive line will have to generate a big push, clog holes, and force Tim Tebow to throw it to be successful. In Alabama's last National Championship year (1992), they played against a heavily favored, exciting Florida Gator team in the SEC championship and won. Their gritty defense, coached by Paris, Texas native Gene Stallings and led by a young George Teague was able to contain the Gators and later on, defeat the Miami Hurricanes in the National Championship. Also, Alabama won the NC the last time a democrat was elected into office for his first term, so we also have that going for us. There are several other meaningful statistics like that which unavoidably point to a Tide win in my opinion.
  6. Are you making the trip? As the SEC correspondent for LandThieves, I thought that I was going to be provided a media pass to be on the field and record my thoughts but I have not received it in the mail yet. It will probably show up tomorrow though. I will be in Atlanta for the game but not inside the stadium unfortunately. Only 361 graduate students got tickets for the game.

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