Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LandThieves All Big 12 FB team

Last year I just poked fun at the Big 12 selections, like Brody Eldridge as an all conference FB when the Sooners list him as a TE. This year, I decided to do my own team. For the official one from the Big 12, click here.

For my Sooner all big 12 team, I’m going with a 4 receiver, one back set. Finally we’re going with a a 3-4 defense to combat the pass heavy league.
  • QB – Colt McCoy – many thought he had lost a little bit off the fastball and was perhaps a one year fluke as a frosh. McCoy proved them wrong, leading the Horns in rushing and passing. At the beginning of the year, Brown planned on alternating McCoy with Chiles, but Mack was smart enough to go with McCoy for the year. He put up some impressive numbers without a TE or a running game of consequence. Aside from Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby, name a receiver. If you did, you’re a Texas fan and probably shouldn't be reading this site anyway.
  • RB – Kendall Hunter, Okie State. Hunter led the Big 12 in rushing with 1518 yards and 9 games over the 100 yard mark. This wasn’t a big 10 type of 1500 yards (350 carries), it was on 228 carries, an average of almost 7 yards per game.
  • WR – Kerry Meier, Jordan Shipley, Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant
  • KR (tie) – Perrish Cox, whoever’s returning kicks against OU this week
  • OL – pick any five man combination from Texas Tech and Oklahoma
  • FB - (jumbo package) – Chase Coffman, Missouri

Now for the defense...

  • DL – Gerald McCoy
  • DE – Bryan Orapko, UT, Brandon Williams, TT
  • LB – Travis Lewis, OU; Joe Pawelek, Baylor; Sean Weatherspoon, Mizzou; Sergio Kindle, UT
  • DB – None; have you seen the passing stats for the conference?
  • K – Jeff Woffert, Mizzou. Made all 67 XPs and was 17-22 on Fgs.
  • P - Justin Brantley, TAMU. Not only did he lead the league in yards per punt, he got lots of practice, too.
  • Coach of the Year – Art Briles – seriously, did you think Baylor would be competitive this year? They led TT in the fourth, took Mizzou to the wire and led Nebraska in the second half. They nearly beat Connecticut in Storrs. We all expected TT, Texas and OU to be top ten teams this year.
  • Freshman of the year – Robert Griffin, Baylor
  • Sophomore of the year – Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  • Junior of the year – Colt McCoy, Texas
  • Senior of the year – Brian Orapko. Texas


jaydou said...

Gresham??? I am truely disappointed with the choices by the staff at land thieves...

Laugh said...

This is an interesting list. I'm not sure I understand including Meier and Shipley on here, while excluding Jeremy Maclin (Mizzou) and Dezmon Briscoe (KU), but to each his own.

HeadThief said...

Jaydou - Gresham drops too many passes for me. If I were to pick a TE, he woulda been it.

Laugh - for the games I watched, it seemed to me likely Shipley and Meier were always making clutch catches, though admittedly Maclin and Briscoe had better numbers.

Cheeseman said...

Colt over Bradford? Has living in Texas made you lose your mind or have you converted to the "dark side"?

Cheeseman said...

Colt over Bradford? Has living in Texas made you lose your mind or have you converted to the "dark side"? You list a valid point that we probably can only name 2 players he throws to BUT the rest of them are former 4 and 5 star players who have talent. Right?