Saturday, December 6, 2008

Your Predictions for Today

I know you wish I would have analyzed the Ball State -Buffalo matchup, but I missed that one yesterday. Your MAC Champions are coached by former Husker great Turner Gill, who will probably make some serious coin this year in the transition from Buffalo to Syracuse/Washington/Auburn or replacing whichever coach jumps to those jobs.

On to the previews:

Conf USA Championship - Tulsa plays East Carolina. Skip Holtz's Pirates - which are really terrorists at sea so why are we glorifying them? You don't hear of a school calling themselves the UC-Irvine Suicide Bombers. Anyway, back to the preview. ECU started the year off by beating Virginia Tech and West Virginia. Later we realized those teams weren't any good. Tulsa started off 8-0, then lost to SEC doormat Arkansas and were sestroyed by Kevin Sumlin's Houstan Cougar team. Tulsa has better passing stats than OU. I look for Tulsa to win this game, for Todd Graham to renegotiate his contract on Monday and take a new job on Wednesday. Actual results may vary. Prediction: Tulsa

ACC Championship - Va Tech plays BC. Can't you can just feel the excitement? Nope, me either. Tickets for this game are selling like hotcakes - you can get a stack of four for about $5, with eggs and your choice of toast, english muffin or biscuit. Prediction: Loss of consciousness, and a BC victory.

SEC Champsionship - This game means a lot. Not only is it likely for a spot in the BCS NCG, it's also a duel that has Cristin Duren's soul in torment. Ms. Duren was Miss Florida, but a Bama cheerleader. Florida is a double digit favorite in this game. While we were unable to get Ms. Duren to preview the matchup, we did obtain this quote from spokeperson Lauren Caitlin Upton, "Cristin is just broken up. She can't decide who to root for. Her mascara won't stop running. Mark Gottfried has his New Improved Tide team playing at pre-1993 probation levels, and Gator coach Rural Meyer is just so dreamy. And that Todd Tebow has such big muscles! He can play doctor with me any time." Thanks for the insight. Prediction: Alabama.

OU-Mizzou - here are links to two articles that tell you how Missouri might upsets the Sooners, but go on to predict 20+ point victories. I didn't know John Kerry did sportswriting. Prediction: Oklahama

USC-UCLA - OJ's got a better chance on appeal than UCLA does in this game. Prediction: USC.

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