Friday, July 20, 2007

LandThieves analyzes PreSeason All Big 12 Selections

by Senior Football Analyst Joe Huff
After spending several minutes pouring over the PS team I am here to break down the selections. TU leads with 7 selections, in addition to QB Colt McCoy being selected as Offensive POY. LandTheif DB and PR Reggie Smith is selected as Defensive POY.

The Big 12 North has 10 representatives on the squad in total. Mizzou - projected to win the coveted "team to receive a beatdown in the Big 12 championship game" award - only has one representative, TE Martin Rucker. Okie State, Cash Machine U and LandThief U each have three players on the team. The Mighty Bears and the Dust Pirates have no players on the squad.

The most heinous mistake with these selections is Bugeater QB Sam Keller as Newcomer of the Year. Based upon my extensive video breakdown of the highlights of the Sooner spring game through my crimson colored glasses, Freshman RB DeMarco Murray should receive the nod here.

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