Monday, July 23, 2007

Who's the Best #2

Dean Blevins – Dean might get consideration in the lifetime achievement award, but was sandwiched between Steve Davis and Thomas Lott at the QB position in the mid 70s. He did lead the Sooners in passing yards in 1976-7, but threw for less than 400 yards each season.
Tashard Choice – transferred to Ga Tech after one year to be closer to his family. Considering that he has somehow thrived under the tutelage of offensive mastermind Chan Gailey, we can only imagine what he would have done here subbing for AD when he was injured.
Malcolm Kelly – wore #2 for a year before switching to #4.
Leon Perry – fullback from 85-89, presently #20 in all time rushing yards for the Sooners.
Jim Rockford – how he played football and starred on that TV show at the same time requires some consideration.
Derrick Strait –All Conference in 2002-03, and All American in 03, Strait played four years as a DB and made several huge plays during his career, particularly his freshman year when he was named Big 12 defensive newcomer of the year. During that championship season of 2000, my simple mind can recall a game saving deflection against Chokie State, a huge interception for a score against the Bugeaters, and a deflection late in the game against Kansas State. College greatness has yet to translate into NFL success.
Corey Warren – played from 1990-1993, and finished his career #2 in receiving yards at LandThief U, and was a favorite target of QB, now RB coach Cale Gundy.
Mike Woods – DB from 1997-99

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