Friday, July 27, 2007

Ramonce Taylor Watch List Announced

With all the preseason watch lists coming out, we here at LandThieves Press got a little jealous that we didn't have a watch list. We now present to you...

Ramonce Taylor watch list announced

Coppell, TX (LTP) - The Landthieves Athletic Club has announced the Watch List for the 2007 Ramonce Taylor Trophy, which is awarded to the most amusing criminal mischief in college football and is sponsored by Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

This is the inaugural year of the Ramonce Taylor award. The awards ceremony will be held at an undisclosed location in Coppell, TX later this year.

The Ramonce Taylor Trophy is named after former Longhorn RB Ramonce Taylor. Taylor was arrested in 2006 for felony drug possession after a fight broke out at a party Taylor was attending. Taylor apparently phoned 911 to report a fight and his car window being broken. During the police visit, Taylor consented to a search of his car, where police found 5 pounds of marijuana. His attorney was then quoted as saying “If he's carrying five pounds of marijuana he's either the stupidest man alive or he thinks he's bullet proof.” Which may explain the live ammo also found in Taylor’s care at the time.

The link to the 2007 candidates for the Ramonce Taylor award is provided below. Additional candidates may be added during the season. Anyone with an arrest, citation or indictment during the 2007 season is eligible for consideration. Texas Longhorns Robert Joseph and Henry Melton both excelled at voluntary workouts this summer, but Joseph fell out of the running with an unfortunate suspension and transfer after his DUI arrest.

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