Wednesday, January 28, 2009

State Project #33 - Washington

Teams - 2
Winning Percentage – 8% (2-23)
Bowl game winning percentage – 0%
Teams making bowl games – 0
Conference championships - 0
Ranking Points at year-end – 0
Summary – what an ugly year for the Apple State. The Sonics leave for Oklahoma City. The Mariners suck. The Seahawks suck. Microsoft stock is down. The Apple Cup game between the state’s two FBS programs went into two overtimes in some sort of twisted joke. It’s like Job moved to the Pacific Northwest and became a sports fan.
Highlight of the year – firing Ty Willingham.
Lowlight of the yearnot firing Ty Willingham sooner
Best team – Washington State went 2-11
Worst team – Washington went 0-12

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poopsandwich said...

Job? Geez. lol