Saturday, January 3, 2009

M-W-C! M-W-C!

I watched bits and pieces of the Sugar Bowl last night and read some accounts this morning... this was not a flukish, hook and lateral followed by a halfback pass followed by a statue of liberty. This was a team that outgained the Tide 349-208, held the vaunted Bama power rushing attach to 0.9 yards per carry, and converted 6-14 third down opportunities while holding Saban's squad to 4-13.

It's time to point out that: a) Utah beat Oregon State, something USC could not do; b) Utah was one of two teams to beat TCU; c) Utah beat BYU; d) Utah beat Alabama by more than Florida.

While everyone's argunig about how to do playoffs, keep in mind very viable options come out of non-BCS schools. Even when they're playing someone other than the Sooners.

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