Friday, January 9, 2009

No More Crying

In the words of Mike Treps, Jiminy Christmas! Would you people stop crying on national TV? First, we have the kid losing it in the UT game a few years back, and another little nipper during another Sooner beatdown.
Now, the clarinet player cries and Fox captured it for us to be ridiculed on the interwebs for years to come. Look, we Sooners are now 0-5 in our last five BCS games, and 1-3 against Texas over that same period. We’ve got to handle losing a little bit better. You don’t have to like it, just do it withs some level of grace and/or class. So, here we have some simple rules for going to an OU bowl game or OU-Texas game…
1. Don’t cry during a football game loss. Really. This isn’t the SEC. Nobody died because of the game. The sun will come up tomorrow, 93% of you still have a job, and you have enough disposable income to attend this game – or were able to secure enough credit to go to the game, but don’t have the money? Perhaps that’s why you’re crying. Pardon me, I digress.
2. If you – or your blessed offspring - must violate rule #1, excuse yourself politely from your seat, go to the restroom, and have yourself a good cry. Since we’re likely not playing a Big 10 team (else we wouldn’t be losing, and this whole thing would be irrelevant), you’re unlikely to
encounter a couple getting busy in a stall.
Enough already. Keep your chin up.


poopsandwich said...

I am gonna send over some Whaaaa burgers and french cries. Maybe a case of Whineken.

I was rooting for our fellow Big 12 ass-kicker. But alas, Gatebow was pretty good last night. ALmost as good as the Gator D.

Maybe next year. I am sure Head Visor will come up with a plan to kick all the Big 12's butt next year. Just wish he would have whipped the Gators. They are way too cocky, but may not be next year without their messiah.

HeadThief said...

Tebow's ability to lead the defense from the sidelines was very messiah-like.

I like that dude, the media slobbering makes me want to dislike him, much like Tiger Woods.