Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 EARLY Preview

BYU in Dallas - if Bradford comes back, this is a W. If Bradford doesn't, we starting an inexperienced QB in a season opener against a Mountain West foe. We've done that before. Tossup, if Bardford goes, W if he stays.
at Miami - Randy Shannon has a new offensive coordinator, and he needs it. We should be able to beat the Canes in South Florida. W.
Some spare unnamed 1-AA opponent at home. W.
Tulsa - Todd Graham continues to honor his week-old 10 year contract extension. The Sooners should get a W here.
Baylor - at home, we get a W.
Texas - I've done some statistical modeling, and Ryan Reynolds is not projected to blow a knee out until the Kansas Game. W.
at Phog U - The heart of a struggling Jayhawk D unit was their LBs, and they are losing several of them. W.
Willie and Friends - Bill Snyder's not going to turn in around in a day. W.
at Bugeaters - The Husker O returns three starters next year. W.
Cash Machine U - I think the Aggies will be better in 09, but they're not beating OU in Norman next year. W.
at Dust Pirates - We've lost two in a row in Lubbock. L.
Boone State - these games have been close in Stillwater. In Norman, not so much. W.

That leaves the Sooners 11-1, which would likely give them an eighth Big 12 championship.

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