Thursday, January 8, 2009

1st Half Thoughts

!@##$!@#$ I would have kicked two field goals and been up 13-7 at this point (assuming we didn't allow a KO return for a score after the FGs).

The D has been playing really well, and I'm quite pleased with that.

After one half, here's how Tim Tebow ranks versus the Big 12 QBs:

Interceptions in a game against the Sooners:
0 - Robert Griffin, Baylor; Colt McCoy, Texas
1 - Graham Harrell, Texas Tech; Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State
2 - Tim Tebow, Florida; Chase Daniel, Missouri; Joe Ganz, Nebraska; Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M; Todd Reesing, Kansas
3 - Josh Freeman, Kansas State

Tebow can still overtake Freeman in the second half.

Really...disappointed is the family friendly word...that Sooners were not able to convert McCoy's interception into points.

We've laid such eggs the past several big bowl games, though, I've got to confess I'm a bit relieved we're in the game.


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