Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Score Crawl You Haven't Seen

For several days, we were subject to the Ohio State factoid, "OSU is 5-0 against the Big 12 in bowl games."

Last night while watching the Fiesta bowl, I found on cfbdatawarehouse.com that Florida is 1-4 in bowl games against teams presently in the Big 12. The last time they defeated a present Big 12 team is 1960, when they beat Baylor in the Gator Bowl. The four losses were to: Missouri (1966); Nebraska (1974); Texas A&M (1977); and Nebraska (1996).


Justin C. Cliburn said...

You mean 1-4?

HeadThief said...

!#@$!#$!#$ Fixed. I guess one of the reasons you wouldn't see it that way is that it would be wrong. It would be espn, not the NY Times.

Justin - thanks for straightening me out.