Friday, January 2, 2009

Big 12 in Bowl Games

With 5 games under our belt, lets look at how the Big 12 teams have done so far.

  • Missouri defeated Northwestern 30-23. Northwestern averaged 24 points per game this year, and defensively gave up 20 points per game on average. Missouri held the Wildcats below their average point total offensively, and scored more points than Northwestern normally surrenders.
  • Kansas defeated Minnesota 42-21. Minnesota averaged giving up 24 points per game, and averaged scoring 23 points per game. So Kansas scored more than Minnesota usually surrendered, and held the Gophers to fewer points than they usually score.
  • Oklahoma State lost to Oregon, 42-31. Oregon averaged 41.9 points/game coming into the contest, and OSU held them to their average. Oregon averaged giving up 28 points per game, and Boone State scored 31, so they exceeded the average.
  • Nebraska defeated Clemson 26-21. Clemson averaged scoring 25 points per game and defensively averaged allowing 17 points per game. The Husker D held the Tigers to below their average on offense and the Bugeater O scored 26 points on Clemson, more than 50% over the average.
  • Texas Tech lost to Mississippi 47-34. Well, this one blows my theory. The Red Raider D didn't show up for this one. Ole Miss averaged 30 points per game, but averaged relinquishing 18 points per game. Ole Miss allowed double their average points, but scored their second highest point total of the season.

In summation, in each instance above the Big 12 team scored more points against their bowl game foe than that team usually surrendered. In all but one of the games above, the Big 12 defense held the team to their season average or below.

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