Monday, August 18, 2008

Boone State and the Number 8

Last year at this time, we surmised that Boone Pickens was trying to get American football started in China. This summer, while watching too much of the Olympics, the talking heads of NBC won't stop blabbering about 8 being a lucky number in china. This just further supports the theory from last year. To extend, I submit for you:

As Washington State - W
Houston - W
Missouri State - W
Troy - W
Texas A&M - W
at Missouri - L
Baylor - W
at Texas - L (they will start out with a double digit lead and lose by 20; it's a tradition)
Iowa State - W
at Texas Tech - L
at Colorado - W
at Oklahoma - L

This puts the Pokes at 8-4, a vast improvement over the 7-6 records the past two years. Coach Hair Gel will then get a 7 year contract extension, which will cover him until he's 48, which is a multiple of 8. It's just creepy.

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