Monday, August 18, 2008

Drug Testing Suggested for Fox

Ran across the inevitable Top 10 up and coming coaches list.

Todd Dodge, UNT coach, is listed as an up and comer. That I have no issue with, I'm actually a fan of his. The twist is that his next logical step as a coach is Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator. The folks at FSN believe that Dodge will leapfrog Heupel on that front? Seems like they've been playing the Summer Olympics Drinking Game a little bit too much.

I also ran across an article today (courtesy of a link on the Tulsa World site) that ranks Briles as the 7th best coach in the Big 12. And he hasn't even coached a game yet (never mind the fact it's a Sorting News column from April 08). That's like saying Bo Pelini is one of three coaches in Bugeater history to have never lost a game as coach.

The Daily Oklahoman is slobbering over the HeadVisor this week, as Stoopsy is in his 10th year as Sooner coach. To all you Poke fans out there, I'm sure they'll return the favor when Gundy makes it to year 10. Be warned, however, that you've only had one coach since WW2 last 10 years, and that was Pat Jones. If memory serves me correctly, that's five years with Jimmy Johnson's recruits, and five years sinking the ship, or as statisticians call it, "reverting to the mean".

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