Friday, August 29, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 8-29-08

I checked over at the Waco Trib for a breakdown of the Bears game last night. One of the headlines was "Baylor University pushing recycling at tonight's football game". So they started Kirby Freeman. Kirby seems like a good kid, but it's just not working for him as a D-1 QB. I thought SuperFrosh Robert Griffin was as good as a true freshman QB could be, which is tantalizing good at times and maddeningly mistake prone at times. He through a great deep ball for a near score in the first half. The Fox Sports team raved about the WFU DB tipping the ball away, but it looked to me like the Baylor receiver let it bounce off his facemask, arms and shoulder pads for an incomplete pass.

Enough Bear coverage. Here's a nice article about Sooner LB Mike Balogun.

My prediction for a South Dakota State upset of Iowa State was a little bit off. We don't know yet, but maybe Chizik is making headway in Ames.

In other news, the best car salesman in Huntsville, Texas had a big night against East Central of Oklahoma, better known as Mark Gastineau's alma mater.

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Anonymous said...

How about that ISU! Oh wait, wrong ISU.

The Cyclones did cause a lot of turnovers.

Red Dawg