Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 8-30-08

  • Malcolm Kelly's knee injury is not healing as desired.
  • Former Sooner Dan Cody was cut by the Ravens.
  • SMU fired Phil Bennett b/c he couldn't win games. Most of the time, that was offense related. They brought on June Jones, and while the DMN declares the debut full of hope, Rice averaged 31 pts per game last year and scored 56 on the Mustangs.
  • If I weren't going to the OU game today, I'd be going here.

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poopsandwich said...

Thanks for the 6 man link. I myself was a 6 man FB player back in the day. I am somewhat offended they did not include perennial 6 man powers like Aquilla and Milford, and included spares like Jonesboro and Abbott. The Abbott rabbits. Geez.