Monday, August 4, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 8-4-08

  • First of all, a big tip o' the hat to OU AD Joe C, for pushing forward on the 1971 OU-NU reunion. There's not many events worthy of a 27 year reunion, but that game might be one of them. I love how it's part of extending an olive branch back to the Cornhuskers. For you young 'uns out there, or SWC faithful, the 70s-80s OU-NU clashes were great football, and there was a great respect between the two programs. The battles didn't have all the animosity that many rivalries have today.
  • OSU is wearing orange bracelets reading, "Big 12 Champs, 12-8-2008" this year. At least that's what the Daily Oklahoman article says. I was curious what championship was played on 12-8-08, because I figured the Pokes were cheering for the cross country team or something. Found out the Big 12 football Champ game is on the 6th. I thought I was onto something, but an AP article indicates the bracelets say 12-6-08. I'll never get those five minutes back, but I was amusing the heck out of myself for awhile.
  • The Big 12 champs thing is a bit optimistic. They should shoot for "Above .500 and play in a bowl game not in Texas or Louisiana." I think that's too much for one bracelet though. The last time the Pokes accomplished that was 1988, when they had a kid named Sanders as a RB and Hair Gel was QB.

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jaydou said...

clip on j Rodgers punt return! Great idea to honor the game...