Monday, March 3, 2008

Worst 10 NCAA Sooner Losses

LTP is not feeling very confident about the game against St. Joe's later this week. I decided I would break down the worst 10 lNCAA tourney losses in Sooner history. We don't go past 1984 for these losses, primarily because if the Sooners made it into the tourney pre-1984, it was a bonus.
  1. 1995 - the 4th seeded Sooners lose 77-67 in the first round to the Manhattan Jaspars, coached by Fran Fraschilla. Fran parlays the victory into a payday at St. John's University, a little probation, and a job at ESPN.
  2. 2001 - the 4th seeded Sooners lose in OT, 70-68, to the 13th seeded Indiana State Sycamores.
  3. 2006 - the 6th seeded Sooners lose to the 11th seeded University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers 82-74. The Sooners never led.
  4. 1984 - the 2nd seeded Sooners lost to the Roosevelt Chapman led Dayton Flyers, a 10 seed, 89-85. This one hurt at the time, but was masked somewhat by two things: a) Dayton continuing on to the Elite 8 before losing to eventual champion Georgetown; b) the Sooners were still new to the tourney play, as it was their fourth appearance in forty years.
  5. 1986 - the 4th seeded Sooners lose to the 12th seeded Depaul Blue Demons. Depaul was led that year by Tyrone Corbin and Dallas Comegys.
  6. 1992 - the 4th seeded Sooners lose to 13th seeded Louisiana-Lafayette. I have no recollection of this game to provide insight on.
  7. 2005 - the 3rd seeded Sooners lose to the 6th seeded Utah Utes, led by Andrew Bogut.
  8. 1996 - the Sooners, as a 10 seed, lay a complete egg against 7th seeded Temple, losing 43-61.
  9. 1990 - As a #1 seed, the Sooners fall to 8th seeded North Carolina, giving up a huge baseline basket to Rick Fox at the end of the game to lose.
  10. 1999 - 13th seeded Sooners lose to top seed Michigan State, 54-46. This was the big ugly game when Izzo's Spartans and Sampson's Sooners wrestled to 54-46 decision.

My criteria for this evaluation were two factors: 1) losing to a much lower seed; 2) scoring an unusually low number of points. For example, the loss to Kansas in 1988 hurt as we were favored, but it was a loss to a national champion, it's nothing like being embarrassed by Louisiana-Lafayette or Manhattan.

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