Friday, March 21, 2008

Today's Musings

In the early games, I expense Tennessee to drum American. Sorry Patriot League fans. Davidson vs Gonzaga should be an entertaining game. I have a Zags T-shirt, but will probably be pulling for the Davidson Wildcats today. St. Mary's CA will go against the Miani Hurricane today. We'll be rooting for the Gaels. I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what a Gael is and am still not certain. It has something to do with Irish. I guess Firghting Irish was already taken. Finally, we'll be pulling for the Drake Bulldogs to eviscerate the Hilltoppers.

the afternoon games have the Butler Bulldogs taking on the South Alabama Jaguars. We're taking the favorites in these four games. (Butler, Georgetown, Texas and UConn).

If I weren't a Sooner, the four early evening games would put me to sleep. UNC will trounce Mount St. Mary's; Siena vs Vandy doesn't get my heart beating, and Oregon and Mississippi State should be in the NIT. The 6th seeded Sooners are a 1.5 to 2.5 pt favorite over 11th seeded St. Joe's, so it should be a close one. If the Sooners can make an o/s shot, (or remember to go inside if they can't hit an o/s shot) they should advance.

For the late night games, I'll be pulling for the Hogs to vanguish the fading Hoosiers; Boise State to upset Louisville; Scottie Reynolds (another Sooner for a month) and Villanova to beat Clemson, and Memphis to trounce UT-Arlington. Sing it with me now, "I'm so glad, I went to the U of M...."

If this all works out, the Sooners would play Boise State in the second round, and we could be subjected to highlights from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl again. On the bright side, there'll only be about 40 hours between the games, if it happens.

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poopsandwich said...

12 v 13 x 2 = screwed up bracket.

thank you very much