Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cash Machine Gridiron Bash

Earlier this month I learned about the gridiron bash, an event combined with spring football games to make money. concept is to bring in some popular music, partner with the college football team to make a big event. for cash machine U, the folks at Gridiron Bash chose...ZZ Top. Ya know, I kid the fine folks at TAMU, but several of my closer friends have Aggie ties. I would be offended if I were an Aggie.

As a public service message to our readers, I have reviewed the ZZ Top colleciton and have the following recommendation for the playlist, with accompaniment by former Aggies.

I'm bad, I'm nationwide, drum solo by Martellus Bennett
I've got the six, by NFL official Red Cashion
Got me Under Pressure, special sing a long with Stephen McGee
Breakaway, with Dante Hall
Ten Dollar Man, solo by Reggie McNeal
Hey Mr Millionaire, led by Jason Webster
I need you tonight, guitar solo by Governor Rick Perry
Just got paid, with Dennis Franchione
Two ways to play, solo by Phil Gramm
Waitin for the bus, special appearance by Jamaar Toombs

So many of the ZZ top songs are "adult themed" , and it was nice to see so many of them have a translation into football as well.

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