Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thur of March Madness Leanings

Pretty much ignoring my bracket for predictions, here are the teams I'm pulling for today.

Early games - Drew Lavender's (Sooner transferred away from Sampson) Xavier squad over Georgia; Kansas over Portland State; Michigan State over Temple; couldn't care less about this last game.

Afternoon games - Marquette over Kentucky; Baylor over Purdue (skeptical the Gent Bears will pull his off, but here's to hope); Kent State over UNLV; Oral Roberts over Pittsburgh. A victory by the Scott Sutton coached ORU Golden Eagles would further anger Poke fans, so I'm all for it.

Evening games: Stanford vs Cornell; CBS was kind enough to put this on CBSC channel, so we don't have to watch it; Duke over Belmont; K-State over USC; Winthrop over Washington State; Cash Machine U over the Mormons (I know several Baptist's like a holy war for them).

Late games - Arizona over WV; Wisconsin over CSF; George Mason over FishEaters; UCLA over Willie Totten's alma mater.

Best wishes to your team(s) today.

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