Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on the wknd games

Holy Cow! As much as I thought Davidson was "for real", I still was surprised to see them with the ball and a chance to tie/win at the end of the game. Curry is a stud. The team is well coached and Curry's not the only kid that can play on that team. I did think that towards the end of the game, too much of the action flowed through was like he was clearly their number one option (duh!) but they seemed really out of synch when going to a second option. That part kinda surprised me. Not to bash them at all, it was a great ride. Hats off to Kansas for representing the Big 12. Another bonus of this game was having Gus Johnson do the play by play. That man is fun to listen to.

Texas, on the other hand, did not play well today. Memphis dominated most of the game. Memphis is just good. They were taller at the guard position, and just as quick. Texas was uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball in the first half, and couldn't catch up. Memphis did a good job of containing Abrams while the game was still at risk.The Horns had a nice run this year. They lost an all world talent in Durant, but Augustin stepped his game up and they had an excellent year. A 2 seed is supposed to lose in the regional finals, so they are what we thought the are, in the words of Dennis Green.

North Carolina, winner over L'ville, to me is the cream of the crop. They defend well and they have a lot of options scoring. In most seasons, I would probably be a Tyler Hansborough fan. However, what Jay Bilas and Dick Enberg did to him is still illegal in some states. They were just slobbering all over the guy. Nantz will be calling him by his first name by the final.

UCLA is like watching paint dry, with the exception of Kevin Love. That team just sucks the life out of people. Three final fours in a row is impressive.

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