Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tubbs Loses Consciousness during Game

Former Sooner Coach Billy Tubbs drfited in and out of sleep today during the OU-TAMU basketball game, in which the 1988 Sooners were saluted for their success and lofty place in Sooner basketball history.

Asked later about the catnaps, Coach Tubbs said, "look, those teams were awful today. At one point NEITHER TEAM SCORED FOR FIVE MINUTES. Do you know how many times my teams played in Norman in games that had fewer points than the 101 scored today. Once! One !#$! time in 14 fourteen years. And they have to roll this piece of crap game out for me to watch.

"I give Coach Capel some slack, the cupboard's not exactly stocked right now, and they've been hampered by injuries and academics, but that's just ugly basketball. I don't know why they can't just pick up the pace. You can shoot an off-balance three with thirty seconds left on the clock with the same degree of success as with three seconds n the clock."

For more coverage of the game from the Aggie side of the locker room, check out Reveille's analysis at

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jaydou said...

The '88 team never to win the National Championship. I hate Danny Manning...Wake up Billy, It's halftime! 28-10 wow